High-touch digital product development.

RoadMap combines student enthusiasm with senior industry oversight, and platform reliability to deliver high-quality, low-cost digital projects.


Your project is scoped and modularized into smaller project deliverables.


Small deliverables mean created by a team: early-career professionals do the work, overseen by senior industry contractors.


RoadMap platform handles management, scheduling, and documentation.

Startup Founders

Develop new features and give structure to your product portfolio.

Small Business Owners

RoadMap works like having a part-time employee who can research, design, develop, and market!

Team Lead

Have an idea for project? Have RoadMap scope, research, and build your MVP to show off!

Neha Mittal

Neha's passion in Education Technology goes back to her undergraduate days when she founded a startup focused on bringing IT education to underprivileged children. She worked in the Learning platform space at the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative soon after which is where she identified the advantages of project based learning and the existing gaps between students and Nonprofits.

Mahmoud Hamsho

Mahmoud's research interest includes machine learning ethics and cybersecurity. While in the Bay Area, Mahmoud has worked as a Data Scientist at a IoT security startup (Intertrust Technologies). As a researcher for the California Statewide Database, he is conducting user research on redistricting information accessibility and helping design models to lower the barrier to participating in California redistricting.

Conner Hunihan

User Experience Designer with a passion for connecting dots, Conner thrives working between creative execution and strategic roadmapping. He believes in technology that empowers collaboration, and is interested in blending user research, UI/UX, and service design.